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Am I a failure?

The only probable answer that I can get when I ask this question is, YES. I consider myself as a failure, as a whole. I have let people down. I have let my soul down. I am nowhere where I consider the position where I stand now. I have no one to lend a helping hand. I have my beloved spouse. But, she too considers me to be a failure. I am unknowingly surmising to this very thing which is so called as concavity towards myself. I have tried hard to let myself out of this. But, the very options that I have aren’t permitting me to do so.

I would like the world to know why I consider myself to be so miserable and pathetic. I had every chance to be on top of the world. I do not say that I am an arrogant, unwise, unintelligent, foolish and many more adverbs to demoralise my charecteristics. I had been a trend setter when I was studying. People followed me as a cult. My fellow students wished to be like me. So intelligent, so loving, so caring, so helpful and in every way admired by one and all.

But, I donno why I let myself to be in a failure’s shoes. I would like if one can answer my questions as I end up a chapter over whats going on and what had gone until now. I am The One to be solved. I am in search of that Solution.